We all love our pets - and we understand that for some seniors who live alone - a pet is the difference between living with a furry friend who gives love, a sense of purpose and companionship each day - and living in isolation. Many on a fixed income struggle to meet the cost of food and care for a beloved pet.

Through our AniMeals program we are able to provide free pet food to our recipients. This helps ensure their priceless relationships remain strong and healthy.

Donations of food and funds are gratefully accepted to keep AniMeals growing strong along with our meal program, as we serve more of those in need right here in the Greater Summerville area. If you would like to be a supporter - please call our office to donate food or use the donate button on our website to make a contribution.

a meal and so much more...


Our "Animeals" program is run by Kathryn Liberstein, a junior at Summerville High School. She is the current Miss Lowcountry Teen 2019 and will be competing in Miss South Carolina Teen this summer. She challenged herself to create a community service project as part of her participation with the Miss South Carolina Scholarship program.

Kathryn secures pet food from local partners, coordinated the food based as closely as possible to the breed and specific needs of pets that belong to our current meal recipients. She disperses enough pet food to last two weeks. What a joy it is to have Kathryn coordinating this entire project.